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Lori-Ann is the energetic and dynamic innovator of The Muscular Therapy Institute – bringing a new approach to massage and muscular therapy rehabilitation along with athletic sports performance.

  • Lori-Ann

    Experienced Massage Therapist

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The Muscular Therapy Institute is a community-based, holistic educational platform that delivers quality instruction through a multitude of courses, lectures, and workshops for the higher education and well-being of our beloved massage therapy professionals.

Our instructor community is a collaboration with professionals from athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, to massage therapists who honor scientific and critical thinking. Our instructors have the professional education, field experience, and ability to instruct. We promote all aspects of self-care, innovative applications, and intuitive technology and teach the understanding of the mechanisms of injury and therefore how to productively resolve musculoskeletal issues within the scope of practice within the massage therapy field.

MTI fosters a learning environment that engages, challenges, and inspires each and every participant, guiding their elevation of knowledge, experience, and technical skill. Together we successfully improve educational standards, expand qualifications, and increase our exposure and recognition as essential providers in the healthcare system.

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